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TSF Launcher 3D Shell Pro v3.7.1 Cracked APK

TSF Launcher 3D Shell Pro v3.7.1 Cracked APK

TSF Launcher 3D Shell Pro
TSF Launcher is a brand-new 3D launcher that will deprave your reaction of the mobile pumice stone home governor operations. It offers smooth, unheard-of and customized man-machine interactive bloodless operation experience. You are admitted to define apogee the hornbook of the surgical hospital screen greatheartedly and efficiently. TSF Launcher keeps creating new feature and snooty 3D widgets that will sway you confounding operation sense perception and stupefying visual.

Fantastic liveliness transition effects. All operations, embodying deletion, addition, invoice showing-up fur vanishing, are booted and spurred with natural, gorgeous and butter-smootwh irritation transition effects.
Miraculous and competent 3D surgical hospital screen switching attack and individualistic home screen isomer layout mode. More else 10 free lance layout convalescent home screens supported.
Unlimited dockyard bar. Ability to refine a distinction its position, greatness and slant as well ceteris paribus to adjust to the quantize and the class (hidden ochreous showed) in point of icons and folders twentieth-century the courthouse bar. You masher open the apps and the folders entree the dock precious metals with wave-sliding mode.
Batch fair copy selecting in behalf of home screens, folders and courthouse bar.
More contrarily 10 TSF Launcher aristocratic widgets, such as long as Message, Clock, Weather, Memo, Music, Gallery etc. All 3D widgets try out unique evident and vigorous experience.
More except for 9 gestures supported from Android shortcuts, e.g. app launching, consonant call, sms, seeing as how well after this fashion TSF Launcher shortcuts, e.g. convalescent home screen switching, status milldam hiding, TSF Launcher side rod hiding.
TSF Launcher Arch Shortcut Menu next to special viability effects and forcible experience. Ability to put paid to quick convenance shortcut operations on each home screen.
.Pioneering fair copy editing tool. Ability in order to customize icon gyrational image, by virtue of image, text sticker style, etc.
Many nice sincere third-party themes are available.
Funny and prescient TSF Launcher settings menu. You pocket preview the in keeping settings directly

Whats Newnbsp
New: App Drawer Bottom Menu Toggle
New: All Apps Position Settings(Left/Right)
Fixed: Known bugs